Quantum computer project on schedule

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Finland’s first quantum computer as well as European-wide Materials for Quantum Computing project “MATQu” are progressing on schedule. The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is involved in the MATQu project regarding high-performance quantum computing technology. Industrial market-introduction of novel materials, devices, and characterization represents a great challenge yet opportunity for Europe to create a complete value […]

Press Release: Panamanian Law Firm Joins Aliant

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May 4, 2021: Aliant, an international law firm with operations on five continents and in 17 countries, announced today the opening of Aliant Panama. The new office was formed through a partnership with Officium Lex Lau Abogados Panama […]

Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel promotion MoU signed

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On April 26, 2021, Finland and Estonia signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation in the transport sector and exchange of information. This promotes transport projects, such as the Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel, Rail Baltica, Trans-European Transport Networks, and North Sea–Baltic Sea core network corridor. The MoU is not legally binding with respect to project development […]


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By Sandip Patel, Managing Partner, Aliant London. IMPORTANT ENGLISH JUDGEMENT ON IP RIGHTS IN XML FORMATS (Software Solutions Ltd and others v 365 Health and Wellbeing Ltd and another [2021] EWHC 237 (IPEC)) This decision is important for lawyers advising on software because: —it demonstrates that though XML schemas may attract literary copyright, they will […]


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Finland will adopt a three-tier hybrid plan. Under this strategy, restrictions will be tightened tier by tier depending on the development of the pandemic. At tier 1, travel restrictions will be tightened. In fact, this means that non-residents’ arrival to Finland is restricted. Also, all measures for the community under so called “transmission phase” ruling […]


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The 5th Annual Aliant® Conference took place on October 21st – 23rd. Both, the program and the most advanced virtual technology were well organized. Special thanks to Jacob Stein and Alysia Leigh Camp who made this unique Aliant Annual Conference happen. Among us, Jonathan Fitzgarrald, Managing Partner of Equinox Strategy Partners and Lawrence (Larry) Kohn, president of Kohn Communications, shared great advices on “Business […]

COVID-19 -matkustusrajoitukset

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Ulkomaalaisten maahantuloa koskevia rajoituksia tiukennettiin uudelleen 12.10.2020 alkaen. Aiemmin syyskuussa lievennetty koronailmaantuvuuden raja-arvo pysyy ennallaan, mutta tartuntojen leviämisen kiihdyttyä lievennetyt raja-arvot ylittyvät yhä useamman maan kohdalla. Sovellettava raja-arvo on 25 uutta tautitapausta 100 000:ta henkilöä kohden edellisen 14 päivän aikana. Sisärajavalvonta (Schengen-alueelta Suomeen tulevat) palautettiin ja otettiin käyttöön 18.3.2020, minkä jälkeen sitä on tiukennettu ja […]