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We are the Finnish office of the international Aliant law firm, headquartered in Los Angeles and with offices in more than 20 countries. Aliant Finland’s expert team of well-recognized  lawyers offers legal services to companies of all sizes. We advise both emerging and established businesses, and our practice focuses on all forms of business ownership and structure.

Our practice supports clientele in a broad range of industries, including technology, machinery, manufacturing, energy, airline, marine, retail, construction and real estate. We assist businesses with cross-border business transactions and international operations. We provide corporate law services and advice on corporate governance issues, and represent corporations and investors with mergers and acquisitions. We help high-tech companies to manage intellectual property risks as they develop tomorrow's technologies, and assist developers in the purchase and development of real estate projects.

Through Aliant’s offices across the globe and our 300+ lawyers, we are able to serve our clients with any cross-border business law needs. Beyond this, Aliant Finland has established professional relationships with law firms throughout the Nordic region, and the firm is an exclusive member of IR Global, a professional services network present in 170+ jurisdictions.

Aliant Finland was established in November 2017 when Kauttu & Co joined Aliant. Kauttu & Co was founded from a well-recognized Helsinki-based law firm that was founded in 1951.

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As examples of our work, we have assisted:

  • A Finnish company within a multinational group to prepare a financial arrangement with an international bank. Value in excess of USD 300M
  • A Finnish subsidiary of a multinational company with its project to supply a power plant to Oceania. Value in excess of 100 MEUR
  • A group of Finnish corporations and entities to sell stock in a Delaware company (holding NYC commercial real estate) to a US investor. Value in excess of USD 30M
  • A Finnish corporation within a Scandinavian group to prepare and complete their transaction for a bank guarantee. Value in excess of USD 50M
  • An Italian based global company to buy stock in a Finnish company that is part of a German multinational group, followed by a merger. Value in excess of 20 MEUR
  • A Germany based investor to acquire and develop commercial real estate in Finland. Value in excess of 50 MEUR
  • A Finnish high-tech firm to develop and accomplish a strategy to protect and commercialize its technologies, consequently an emerging growth business with a resulting IPO.
  • A Finnish health-tech company to negotiate and prepare distribution and joint venture deals in the UK, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Australia
  • A Finnish company with its supply and shipbuilding project in Helsinki shipyard by and between the company, shipyard and a German based shipping company
  • A US venture capital company to invest, through subscription and an issue of shares, in a Finnish technology company. Value in excess of 10 MEUR
  • A US based global energy company to acquire a Finnish technology company through share purchase. Value in excess of 4 MEUR
  • A Finnish transportation company and its owner to sell shares in the company to a Swedish public corporation. Value in excess of 3 MEUR
  • A Norway investor to acquire a Finnish technology company through share purchase. Value in excess of 2 MEUR
  • A US based global payments company to protect its trademark in Finland
  • Numerous foreign companies to establish Finnish subsidiaries and branches
  • Multinational companies, including airlines, with their Finnish branches’ corporate governance, compliance, tax, employment and day-to-day business law issues

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