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Aliant is a global law firm present in 16 countries. Aliant Finland serves Finnish companies with local and overseas matters, while also providing legal assistance to foreign companies conducting business and investments in Finland and throughout the Nordic region. Our practice offers the highest quality legal services with a team of experienced and well recognized professionals. 

We assist businesses with commercial transactions and international operations in a diverse collection of industries, including technology, machinery, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, airline, retail, construction and real estate. We provide corporate law services to our clients and advise them on corporate governance, investor relations and employment issues. We help high-tech companies in developing tomorrow’s technologies and managing risks arising from intellectual property issues. We represent corporate clients and institutional investors in acquisitions and other transactions involving the purchase or sale of businesses. We counsel developers, project owners and contractors on construction projects and assist with commercial real estate transactions. We assist domestic and foreign clients in commercial litigation and arbitration.  

We advise both emerging and established businesses. We represent companies at all stages of their growth, from start-ups and emerging growth companies, to multinational public corporations. Our practice focuses on all forms of business ownership, including family-owned businesses, and both private and public companies.

Aliant Finland was organized in 2017 when Kauttu & Co joined Aliant. Kauttu & Co was founded in 2008 from a well-established Helsinki based law firm that was established in 1951.

Aliant Finland office is located in the World Trade Center building, a well-known address in Aviapolis, an international airport city in the middle of Helsinki metropolitan area. Its location in a traffic hub has made it the largest and strongest growing business area and employment centre in the Helsinki region. Aliant Global headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. 

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COVID-19 -matkustusrajoitukset

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Ulkomaalaisten maahantuloa koskevia rajoituksia tiukennettiin uudelleen 12.10.2020 alkaen. Aiemmin syyskuussa lievennetty koronailmaantuvuuden raja-arvo pysyy ennallaan, mutta tartuntojen leviämisen kiihdyttyä lievennetyt raja-arvot ylittyvät yhä useamman maan kohdalla. Sovellettava raja-arvo on 25 uutta tautitapausta 100 000:ta henkilöä kohden edellisen 14 päivän aikana. Sisärajavalvonta (Schengen-alueelta Suomeen tulevat) palautettiin ja otettiin käyttöön 18.3.2020, minkä jälkeen sitä on tiukennettu ja […]

Corporate Law

Contract Law and CSR

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By Kaisla Yli-Juuti, Aliant Finland. The use of private contract law in international supply chains has become more common as the number of corporations working across borders has increased. Incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability obligations into supply chain contracts is one way of making them legally binding and enforceable, thereby motivating suppliers to […]

We aspire to provide you not only the best legal results,

but also the most favorable business outcome.

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"Over the past 15 years, Meira Oy has obtained professional services of Aliant Finland (previously Kauttu & Co). They have carried out their work and assisted Meira Oy as well as Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group with high professional ability" Raimo Sinisalo, CEO, Meira Oy 

Deep bench of talent

Aliant is an international law firm with a deep bench of talent across a multitude of practice areas. Our skills and experience are on par with world's best and biggest firms. We have a great love for the law, and our attorneys are capable of managing the most complex international legal transactions. When you work with an Aliant lawyer you get access to in-depth knowledge of local law combined with the ability to seamlessly work cross-border.

People above profits 

Big international law firms often shuffle clients to junior lawyers to maximize leverage and billings. Aliant does things differently. Our clients work with the lawyers they hire. No one gets handed off. Everyone gets equal respect. We fully realize that in order to be effective and to offer real value, we must be able to react to your legal needs and to make ourselves available whenever required. That's just one of the benefits of working with an international law firm that puts people above profits. 

Not only the best legal results, but also the most favorable business outcome

We believe that by establishing guidelines and a strategic plan, we are able to work closely with the client to achieve not only the best legal results, but also the most favorable business outcome. All services carried out by Aliant Finland shall be executed in accordance with a written client assignment, as well as in line with client's operating policy and guidelines for outside corporate counseling. We also assist start-ups, emerging growth companies and export projects in fundraising. Learn more about the possibilities on our Business Finland Expert Search profile.

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Pekka Valo meets Björn Wahlroos, the chairman of the Board in Sampo Group, Nordea and UPM-Kymmene.

Pekka Valo of Aliant Finland and Björn Wahlroos, the chairman of the Board in Sampo Group and UPM-Kymmene

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