Acquiring a Nordic Business

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By Tuomo Kauttu, Partner, Aliant Finland
From a global point of view, Europe seems to be a puzzle whose pieces are difficult to put together and which are constantly changing, sometimes disappearing altogether. This view applies not only to business executives who think in terms of markets but to lawyers as well who are supposed to think in terms of jurisdictions. In the Nordic region, there are countries that are members of the European Union (“EU”) and countries that are non-EU members. Among the Nordic EU member states, Finland is the only country that is also a member of the European Economic Monetary Union (EMU), while Sweden and Denmark are non-euro EU members, and Norway and Iceland are neither EU nor EMU members. […]

Recent changes to Finnish legislation due to COVID-19

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By Nina Aura, Junior Associate, Aliant Finland
On March 16, 2020, Finland declared a nationwide state of emergency due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result of this, the Finnish government submitted a decree implementing the Emergency Powers Act. The two commissioning decrees for the Act were given on March 17 and 19, respectively. Last time the Emergency Power Act was in use during wartime. Therefore the use of the Emergency Power Act is very exceptional and it demonstrates the significant influence which COVID-19 has on society. The Act transfers the legislative power from the parliament to the government. Furthermore, also the legislative procedure is accelerated which enables swift amendments. […]

Recent changes to Finnish labour legislation due to COVID-19

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By Nina Aura, Junior Associate, Aliant Finland In addition to the Emergency Powers Act, The Finnish government has reacted to the situation by submitting several temporary changes to legislation. The amendments to the Employment Contracts Act, the Maritime Employment Contracts Act, and the Act on Co-operation in Enterprises are in force until 30 June 2020 […]

Saksan perustuslakituomioistuimen päätös – Euroopan keskuspankki on ylittänyt toimivaltansa

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Euroopan unionin tuomioistuimen tiedote – vain Euroopan unionin tuomioistuin on asiassa toimivaltainen.

Saksan perustuslakituomioistuin toteaa 05.5.2020 antamassaan tuomiossa, että Euroopan keskuspankki on ylittänyt toimivaltuutensa velkapapereiden osto-ohjelmaan ja arvopaperiostoihin liittyen. Euroopan unionin tuomioistuin toteaa tiedotteessaan 08.05.2020, että […]

COVID-19: We are your resource

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COVID-19: We are your resource for responding to business and legal needs. As the global coronavirus COVID-19 crises evolves rapidly, the attorneys and staff of Aliant® first and foremost wish you and your loved ones ones health and safety!
Aliant expresses its appreciation to all those who are on the front lines fighting to contain this outbreak, care for its victims, and maintain civic life. We express our sympathy and hope for the speedy recovery of those who have already been directly affected by the virus […]

Recent News from Aliant

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Webinar on Doing Business in Finland – Perspectives on Culture, Values & Getting the Deal Through. Tuomo Kauttu of Aliant Finland shares his insights on cross-border transactions in Finland.

Aliant Finland hosted two meetings in March: Annual Meeting of the Finnish-Canadian Business Council and board meeting of Helsinki region Chamber of Commerce […]

Redistributing Share Capital

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Considerations for family-owned enterprises. Finnish section of the publication by Aliant Finland. According to the World Bank, there are more than 160 million privately-owned small and medium-sized enterprises in the world employing more than 500 million people. Many of these businesses are family-owned, with tightly held shareholdings. They are very often well-established companies where control […]

KV-verosuunnittelu. Hallituksen esitys 31.10.2019

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By Leo Pietikäinen, Associate, Aliant Finland. Rajat ylittävien verosuunnittelujärjestelyjen raportointivelvollisuutta koskevan direktiivin (EU) 2018/822 (DAC 6) hallituksen esitys on annettu 31.10.2019 eduskunnan käsiteltäväksi Veronkierto ei ole enää nykypäivän globaalissa markkinataloudessa pelkästään kansallinen ilmiö, vaan osa laajaa rajojen yli ulottuvaa toimintaa, johon eri maiden viranomaisilla sekä kansainvälisillä järjestöillä on runsaasti intressejä puuttua. Verosuunnittelu, eli erilaisten lainsäädännöllisten […]