Renovation of EU Patent System and Its Impact to Finnish Law

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By Tuulia Heiskanen, Junior Associate, Aliant Finland. On the 30th of August 2021, the Act on the Protocol on Privileges and Immunities of the Unified Patent Court was passed in Finland. The law is based on the EU process of renovating the European patent system and preparing for establishing the Unified Patent Court (UPC) for dealing […]

Overcoming the Fears of Global Investment

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By Peter Pang, Partner, Aliant Shanghai and Oliver Laurence, Director, I-OnAsia London. Everyday thousands of business transactions take place worldwide. People are buying, selling, investing, and sponsoring different size companies in every known sector. From the technology sector, to automotive, clothing and manufacturing sectors, to name just a few. Each for various sums of money, which can amount into the billions, and all contain varying levels of risk associated with each of them. […]


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By Socrates Parparinos, Partner, Aliant Cyprus. Aliant Law’s commercial and creative law teams help filmmakers, production companies, and creative businesses make their vision a reality. Our global team of cross-functional attorneys – corporate and transactional, dispute resolution, regulatory, and business counsel – can help with every stage of pre-production and post-production, including: – Assistance and […]

Contract Law and CSR

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By Kaisla Yli-Juuti, Aliant Finland. The use of private contract law in international supply chains has become more common as the number of corporations working across borders has increased. Incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability obligations into supply chain contracts is one way of making them legally binding and enforceable, thereby motivating suppliers to […]

Acquiring a Nordic Business

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By Tuomo Kauttu, Partner, Aliant Finland
From a global point of view, Europe seems to be a puzzle whose pieces are difficult to put together and which are constantly changing, sometimes disappearing altogether. This view applies not only to business executives who think in terms of markets but to lawyers as well who are supposed to think in terms of jurisdictions. In the Nordic region, there are countries that are members of the European Union (“EU”) and countries that are non-EU members. Among the Nordic EU member states, Finland is the only country that is also a member of the European Economic Monetary Union (EMU), while Sweden and Denmark are non-euro EU members, and Norway and Iceland are neither EU nor EMU members. […]

Recent News from Aliant

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Webinar on Doing Business in Finland – Perspectives on Culture, Values & Getting the Deal Through. Tuomo Kauttu of Aliant Finland shares his insights on cross-border transactions in Finland.

Aliant Finland hosted two meetings in March: Annual Meeting of the Finnish-Canadian Business Council and board meeting of Helsinki region Chamber of Commerce […]

Brexit epävarmuus jatkuu

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By Pekka Valo, Senior Counsel, Aliant Finland. Tällä hetkellä tilanne on sekava. Epävarmuus jatkuu siitä minkälainen Brexit tulee tai tuleeko sitä ollenkaan. Sopimuksettomasta eli kovasta Brexitistä seuraamukset olisivat osittain ennalta-arvaamattomat. Sekä EU että Iso-Britannia ja niiden hallinto tekevät jatkuvasti töitä paikatakseen sopimuksettoman tilanteen aukkoja. Esimerkiksi lentoliikenteen jatkuvuus on pyritty varmistamaan. Elämän ja varsinkin liike-elämän pitäisi […]