Joint Ventures

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Good contracts in business are like good fences between neighbors. When a business is considering a joint venture, it is imperative that the legal council is on board from day one. Joint ventures can allow a business to acquire new capabilities and access new markets but can also be complex and risky—the parties involved will share liabilities, risks, expenses, and initial contribution of assets during the formation of the venture.

Aliant Finland attorneys are adept at helping clients protect their interests and achieve their strategic objectives through joint ventures. Whether your joint venture is designed to quickly acquire new capabilities, to access technology, or to provide your company access to a new market, our lawyers in Finland and abroad work together across borders to help you negotiate the deal and set-up a joint venture to help take your company to the next level.

Some of the ways we assist our clients with joint ventures include:

  • Advise on domestic and international joint ventures
  • Negotiate domestic and international joint venture agreements
  • Assist with due diligence on joint ventures partners
  • Identify and coordinate with foreign legal counsel where necessary
  • Help mitigate joint venture partner legal risk

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