Stenger Rechtsanwälte Joins Aliant – Published by
Addition represents the 21st global location for Aliant.
Stenger Rechtsanwälte Joins Aliant law firm, with Global HQ in Los Angeles, USA, thereby strengthening the development of integrated and international solutions for its clients. Aliant Germany is now also globally works with Aliant lawyers in over 21 countries.

Aliant Germany believes in the common approach Aliant lawyers have taken to serve clients in multiple countries by adhering to well-practiced  general  rules and delivering  a quality of legal work that increases not only for Aliant’s but also the one of Stenger Rechtsanwälte for excellent legal service.

For Dr. Gernot Stenger, founder Stenger Rechtsanwälte and the Managing Partner of Aliant Germany,  Aliant broadens office’s expertise : “Aliant has the potential to broaden our expertise in other jurisdictions while we are prepared to accept foreign clients coming into the German legal world, meeting the expectations they have from working with Aliant  in their own countries. We can now serve our clients in more than 20 locations worldwide” .

Managing Partners of Aliant :

“We are excited for the new addiction to Aliant Europe. Aliant Germany is highly respected, internationally oriented, multidisciplinary law boutique in Europe. Having operations on the ground in Germany allows us to deliver deep local legal insight and experience, supported by a global team of colleagues.”

“Since our founding in 2015, we’ve grown to provide services around the world to clients ranging from startups to global giants. The addition of operations in Germany meets the needs of many of our clients who have legal needs here.” said Jacob Stein, chairman of Aliant.

This combination represents Aliant’s 21st member firm, bringing the total number of attorneys practicing under Aliant to 200 worldwide.

About Aliant: Founded in 2015, Aliant® is built exclusively to focus on the international needs of clients in the middle market, emerging and startup businesses, and multinational companies seeking greater value and efficiency. A Swiss Verein, Aliant delivers a personalized approach to practicing law and a dedication to best-in-class client service. The firm is now present in over 21 countries.